9 ways to keep your toddler entertained in the stroller

Looking for ways to keep your toddler engaged in the stroller during your Quebec visit? Here are 9 parent-tested tips.

Find ways on how to keep toddler entertained in stroller

Having a toddler shouldn’t hold you back from travelling and seeing the many sights Quebec has to offer! Making your child stay put in the stroller is always a challenge, but with the right tools you can keep your toddler entertained in the stroller!

Charli Rohn, mother of two and founder of OutThereMothers.com has some great tips on seeing the world with a stroller in tow.    

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Why you should take a stroller when travelling
  • How to keep toddler happy in the stroller

So let’s jump in!

Why should you take a stroller with you when travelling Quebec?

If you plan to take your toddler on your trip to Quebec, having a stroller is essential for your outings each day. Sightseeing in a new city can be tiring for each member of the family. By having your toddler in the stroller, you can see much more than if you had your toddler on foot. Other reasons to take a stroller include:

  • You can stash food, cameras, diapers and other gear in the stroller 
  • Toddler can take a nap in the stroller while you are out
  • Your arms aren’t always holding onto your toddler, leaving you to take photos like a regular tourist 
  • You are freer to enjoy the sights without worrying where your toddler may run off to next

We all know how full-on toddlers can be, so having a stroller can help alleviate some of the stress of taking your toddler travelling. Now let’s cover some of the ways to actually keep your toddler happy in the stroller while you see what Quebec has to offer. 

9 tips on keeping toddler entertained in the stroller:

#1 Tie their toys onto the stroller

There is nothing worse than reaching the next beautiful place on your sightseeing list to only find you have lost your child’s beloved toy! Tying your child’s toys onto the stroller with shoelaces, string or pretty beads is a great way to make sure everything stays contained in the stroller. Although your toddler will most likely not be happy with the arrangement at first, they are very adaptable and will quickly become used to their favourite toy being tied down. 

#2 Take loads of snacks for your day out

Stock the stroller with a wide variety of snacks to take with you on your day out. Knowing the best snacks to pack in a stroller can really make your day run smoother.  

Always take more than you think you’ll need, we all know how unpredictable toddlers can be! Select snacks that will take your toddler a while to eat, such as apples or hard biscuits. 

Remember to take baby wipes as these will become your best friend to clean both your toddler and the stroller as you go. 

#3 Make regular stops for your toddler to get out of the stroller 

Don’t be unreasonable on keeping your toddler in the stroller. Making regular stops for your toddler to play will encourage them to stay happy and get back into the stroller again once you’re ready to move on! Toddlers need to run and burn off their energy and they can’t do that while they are strapped into a stroller. Let your toddler run when you arrive at safe areas such as grassy paths, gardens, wide open spaces, or basically anything away from crowds, traffic and water. 

#4 Point out the sights as you 

Engage with your toddler as you stroll around the sights. While your toddler probably isn’t interested in ancient buildings or other landmarks in Quebec City, they are interested in cars, dogs and all other forms of wildlife. Chat to your toddler about all the things they can see that might interest them. 

#5 Make a game out of attractions 

Play games like ‘I spy’ or ‘Spotto’ to keep your toddler entertained in the stroller. Our toddler likes to yell ‘Spotto!’ each time she spies a red car or whatever the chosen object is for the day. Playing games distracts toddlers from not liking their stroller, and helps them to stay put just that little bit longer.

#6 Reward your toddler with a treat at the end of the stroller session

Make a promise such as a visit to the park, or an ice cream to encourage (bribe might be a better word!) your toddler to stay in the stroller.  We like to say, ‘After we’ve finished our walk, we’re all going to visit the park!’ Always remember to keep your word, don’t just use it as an empty promise to keep your toddler in his stroller. 

However, some toddlers just don’t have patience, so this may not work for your child. 

#7 Take their favourite teddy or comforter

Even if your toddler usually only has their teddy and/or pacifier at nap times, taking these in the stroller can really help to relax them. Visiting new places can be both exciting and strange for young children. Having their favourite comforter can be a good way to keep a tired toddler happy. Just remember to keep them tied to the pram so they don’t get lost!

#8 When you’re really desperate! – Pull out technology 

Ideally you want your toddler to enjoy the trip away as much as you are, and take in all the sights! But toddlers have short attention spans, get tired easily and frankly don’t care too much about visiting new places. If you’re really trying to finish off your days’ outing and toddler won’t cooperate, pull out your phone or tablet to keep toddler entertained by watching their favourite show or videos. 

Our toddler even loves to watch videos taken of herself playing at home and will watch these over and over. 

Just a warning though, we find screen time does make our kids more agitated afterwards. So while screentime may be a win for parents at the time, just consider your evening’s schedule for that day and weigh up whether it’s worth the hassle!

#9 Always have a Plan B

Anyone in the world of parenting will understand you always need a plan B. Even if you have your Quebec itinerary planned to the millisecond, toddlers will usually find a way to mess up your plans. Have a second option up your sleeve if toddler decides he really has had enough of travelling around. Sometimes toddlers just need a quiet day to catch up and get a decent sleep in a crib. Although sitting tight in a new city can be frustrating, making plans for this can make the rest of your stay more enjoyable. 

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We hope with these tips you can enjoy your travels around Quebec as a family. Try to plan ahead as much as you can and be prepared with snacks, toys, games and whatever else your toddler might need in a day. Remember to be reasonable with your expectations and know that some days just won’t go to plan! Let us know how you go travelling with your toddler in Quebec, we’d love to hear!

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