Best Snow Toys to Make Your Kids Choose Outdoors Over Screens

The best snow toys to have fun this winter, including sleds, snow ball launchers, snow diggers, snow molds and more!

The Best Snow Toys To Play Outside in Winter

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I remember when sleds were the go-to snow toys. Times have changed! The market is flooded with options, from snowball launchers to toddler-friendly snow molds, making it a golden age for outdoor winter toys.

From the little ones to the not-so-little ones, there are snow toys to capture every child's imagination and keep them active in the snowy months.

In this article, we'll deep dive into an assortment of snow toys that'll make your little ones pick snow play over screen time, any day.

Finding Good Snow Toys Based on Your Child’s Age

It's not just about having a wide array of snow toys; it's also about having toys suitable for every age group. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind about buying snow toys:

Reduced Dexterity and Coordination Due to Winter Wear

Keep in mind that a 2-year-old's dexterity and coordination differs significantly from that of an 8-year-old. This distinction is heightened when kids are bundled up in mittens. A two-year-old might easily grab any kind of ball indoors, but they will likely struggle to grip a snowball maker or a sled handle while wearing mittens. Snow toys that require fine motor skills are not the best fit for toddlers but will be perfect for older kids.


Younger children might not have the strength or coordination to use certain snow toys. For example, a 3-year-old might not be able to walk on all types of snow with snowshoes on without help (you may need to hold their hands the way you did when they were learning to walk).

Interests and Imagination

Toddlers are often content with simple activities like digging or colouring the snow. As kids grow, so do their imaginations. School-aged children might enjoy building elaborate snow forts, engaging in epic snowball fights, or even trying out beginner snowboarding.

Classic Snow Toys: Sleds and Toboggans

Baby and Toddler Sleds

When it comes to the youngest snow enthusiasts, sleds often serve as winter strollers. Parents typically pull the sled with the baby bundled up inside, offering a similar experience to a stroller ride. Alternatively, you might see parents taking their little ones down small slopes while sitting securely in their laps. It's essential to understand that at this age, kids don't have the coordination or reflexes to sled alone safely. So it's all about very small slopes, and shared experiences to introduce them to the joy of winter play.

Choosing Sleds for Babies and Toddlers

Here's what we like to see on a baby or toddler sled:

  • High back to help support the child in an upright position
  • Safety strap to help keep them in position no matter what
  • Anti-slip seat which will help prevent them from sliding down (winter suits on plastic makes a very slippery combination)
  • Safety reflectors area good safety feature for those late afternoon walks
  • Wind / snow shield is not an absolute must but is nice to have on windy days.

Best sleds for Babies and Toddlers




Best Sled with Hood - the Pelican Baby Sled

Pelican Baby Sled with Weather Shield

Baby sled suitable for up to 24 months. Features a removable shield that protects bub from the wind, inbuilt ventilation screens, a safety belt and safety reflectors.

Best Sled for Baby - the Flexible Flyer Baby Sled

Paricon Toddler Pull Sled

Baby pull sled suitable for babies and toddlers under 3 years old (up to 40 lbs). Features a high back for child support and an adjustable safety strap.

Best Sled for Toddler made in Canada

Toddler Sleigh with Seat Belt

The BeaverSprings sled is a beautiful product made in Canada. It comes with a comfortable, warm polyester cushion pad and a seat belt for child safety.

Types of Sleds For Older Kids

If you're buying a sled for an older kid rather than a baby or toddler, you've got lots of options. Wooden sleds bring that classic look and durability, while foam sleds offer a softer, cushioned ride. Inflatables provide a bouncy thrill but may not be the best for little ones who can easily tip over. Don't overlook plastic sleds either (often called “crazy carpets” where I’m from). These are cost-effective, light to carry, fast, but practically impossible to steer.

Sleds can range from $30 for a simple plastic model to well over $100 for specialized types.

Snow Racers

For older kids who crave more excitement, a snow racer is a fantastic choice. Unlike traditional sleds, snow racers have a steering wheel and sometimes even brakes. They bring a new level of control and fun, allowing for more precise navigation down the hill. 

Best Sleds for Kids and Teenagers




Best snow sled for kids - the traditional Back Bay Play snow sled

Back Bay Play Snow Sled

Suitable for ages 3 and up, the sled racer can accommodate 2 small children or can be used as a snow sled for adults. Features four built-in handles.

Best snow sled for kids - foam sled for snow

WooWave Foam Sled

This flybar sled is effectively a cushioned foam with two large and sturdy handles. It glides well and fast on snow. It is a suitable snow sled for children age 3+.

Best inflatable snow sled for kids - Franklin Sports double snow sled for kids

Double Snow Tube Sleds

Inflatable double snow tube suitable for kids and adults ( up to 250 lbs). Both seats have their own handles.

Best snow racer with steering wheel for kids - the Frost Rush Snow Sled

Frost Rush Snow Sled

This sled features a steering wheel and dual foot brakes for safety. It has a pull cord for easy pull back up the hill.

Frozen Movie Snow Sled for Kids

GoFloats Inflatable Sled

Suitable for kids aged 6+ and adults. Features an easy glide bottom for maximum support and comfort and built-in grip handles.

Best snow racer for kids - inflatable racer with handles

Giant Inflatable Snow Sled

Great for kids and adults. Features 2 side handles and a pulling rope.

Best snow sled for kids - heavy duty saucer sled for kids

Saucer Disc Snow Sled

Fast snow saucer with handles for great grip when sliding down hills. Suitable for kids and adults.

Fun Snow Toys For a Battle: Snowball Makers and Launchers

Snowball fights are a classic winter activity. Truth be told: nobody NEEDS a snowball maker to make snowballs. But kids find snowmakers fun to use and like the fact that they produce perfectly round and uniform snowballs. For kids, it’s generally not just about the fight; it's also about stocking their snow fortresses with well-made “ammunition.”

Teach your kids never to aim for faces or cars. Snow can contain ice shards that may cause injury, and throwing at cars could potentially cause an accident.

Recommended Products:




Best Snow Toy - Snow Ball Maker

Snowball Maker

Make snowballs quicker using this tool for snowball fights or for just a fun day in the snow. Suitable for all ages.

Best Snow Toy - Snow Ball Launcher

Snowball Launcher

Great for snowball fights as it is a snowball maker, tosser and a horn in one.

Best Snow Toy - Double Snow Ball Maker

Double snowball Maker

Make snow activities more fun by making 2 snowballs at the same time.

Snow Molds, Snow Art and Snow Toys for Building Things

Many of these toys are compact enough to fit in a suitcase, making them great for family trips. They’re also very versatile. No need for a snow-covered hill; your front yard, backyard, or the neighbourhood park will be enough.

Think of snow molds as the winter equivalent of your beach sand toys. They provide a tactile and straightforward way to have fun, just as buckets and shovels do in the summertime. For optimal results with snow molds, you'll need the right kind of snow (the wet type). Again, this is much like sand where completely dry and light sand won’t mol into anything.

Snow markers add vibrant colour to the snow and unlike snow molds, can be used on any type of snow.

Recommended Products: 




Penguin Mold Snow Toy

Penguin Snow Mold

Make snowballs more creative and turn them into penguin-shaped ones.

Best Snow Toys - Snow Block Mold

Snow and Sand Block Mold

Build castles, walls, forts and more easier during winter and summer using the snow and sand molder.

Best Snow Toy for Outdoor Winter Art - Snow Paint Kit

Snow Painting Kit

Great snow markers for making snow art more colorful. Easy to mix and use. Recommended for children age 5+.

Snow Toy Equipment: Plastic Skis, Snowboards, and Snowshoes

These snow toys will introduce a little more action into your winter play, so they are for slightly older kids (generally age 5+, but have a look at each product’s recommendation).

Plastic skis and snowboard are light and easy for kids to carry without the help of an adult. They often come with simple bindings that fit over winter boots, so you don't need specialized boots or clips.

Snowshoes offer another fun option. The budget types are often made of lightweight plastic, whilst higher quality snowshoes are made with more durable material and more solid attachments.

These snow toys are designed for backyard or park use, so you don't need a ski resort (in fact, they are not allowed there). They're also small enough to pack away in the trunk of your car for a winter weekend getaway.

Recommended Products: 




Best Snow Toy for Kids - Snow Scooter

GeoSpace Ski Skooter

Suitable for kids aged 6+ and adults up to 220 lbs. Features a led light, foldable handle for easy storage and can be used on wet grass, hills and sand dunes.

Best Snow Toy for Kids - Backyard Ski Set

SOLA Ski Set

Great for beginners and has adjustable bindings as a safety feature. Suitable for kids aged 3-4. Many colors and designs available. Snowboard versions also available.

Best Snow Toy for Kids - Backyard Snowboard

SportsStuff Snowboard

Perfect for beginners and features adjustable hooks and loop bindings. Suitable for riders up to 60 lbs.

Best Snow Toy for Kids - Kids Snowshoes

Yukon Charlie's Snowshoe and Trekking Pole Kit

Suitable for kids up to 100 lbs. Has easy pull binding that can be used for any type of boots.

Other Winter Toys for Outside: Snow Plow Toy, Kids Snow Shovels, etc.

If sleds, snowball makers, and snow art toys aren't quite your speed, don't worry, there's a plethora of other fun snow toys to explore. How about a cute snow shovel? It’s the winter equivalent of a toy lawnmower and every kid I know loves a size-appropriate shovel ! 

A snow plow toy is essentially a miniature version of a real snow plow, designed for kids to push or pull through the snow. It makes children feel like they're doing important work like clearing snow just like the big trucks.

Play cars are also not just for summer or indoor play. Some cars will properly slide and glide over snow-covered surfaces, turning your backyard into a winter race track.

Recommended Products: 




Best snow toy - snow digger for kids

Sandbox Digger Excavator

Perfect to use on sand, dirt and snow. Features two-handed controls for digging and dumping.

Best snow toy - snow ploy truck

Snow Plow Truck with Dump Box

Recommended for children aged 3+. Realistic and sturdily made. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor play.

Best snow toy - toddler ice skates

Ice Skates for Toddlers

Easy adjustable bottom to accommodate your kid's feet as they grow. Suitable for ages 2-5.

Best snow toy - snow shovel great for kids

Snow Shovel

Heavy duty plastic snow shovel perfect for little kids aged 4+.


Winter offers a playground of opportunities to engage your kids in outdoor play. From the classic appeal of sleds and toboggans to the excitement of snowball makers and launchers, there's something for every age and interest.

If creativity is your child's calling, snow molds and snow art toys beckon. For the young adventurers, plastic skis, snowboards, and snowshoes are hard to beat. 

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