Travel Essentials: Clothing, Equipment and Other Useful Gear

A trip to Quebec will be unforgettable no matter what, but it'll certainly be more successful when you have the right gear packed in your luggage. As someone who grew up in Quebec, I'm uniquely positioned to offer guidance on what you should bring along to make the most of your visit.

From winter clothing essentials to kids accessories (that my own daughter likes!), I'll provide my thoughts and recommendations to ensure your trip is comfortable and that you don't waste time shopping for travel essentials once you get here.


Winter Gear

Having good winter gear is essential for visiting the province of Quebec. It you want to fully enjoy all the incredible experiences this beautiful province has to offer during winter, you need clothes that keep you warm, comfortable and dry.

Travelling with Children

Isn't it frustrating when we travel with kids and realize we've forgotten essential items? And how annoying is the fact we sometimes over prepare and leave about 75% of the luggage space to our baby when they're actually 25% of our size! So here are a few tips and resources – all written my mothers – to help you pack.

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