What to do in Montreal – what a pleasant question to answer! Montreal is one of the most fun and beautiful cities in Canada. It's famous for its arts scene and festivals and for its amazingly beautiful European-looking Old Town. It's also uniquely different from other large Canadian cities due to its history: Montreal is located in the French-speaking part of Canada. Even though you can easily get around Montreal as an English speaker, you will still very much be immersed in the French-Canadian or should I say Québécois culture.

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So What is There to Do in Montreal?

What to do in Montreal? That really comes down to personal preferences.

Whilst I have created an exhaustive list of Montreal activities (linked below), I'm very well aware that some of my readers visit Montreal for a specific purpose (culture, food, music festivals, with kids, etc.!). That's why you will also find several bespoke and thematic suggestions of things to do in Montreal on this page.

What to do in Montreal (Our Most Exhaustive Lists)

Here are a few resources to help you add some fun Montreal activities to your itinerary.

What to Do in montreal Season-by-Season

When choosing what to do in Montreal, season is also highly relevant. Whilst indoor activities remains the same throughout the year, outdoor activities are vastly different in summer versus winter, and spring versus fall!

What to do NEAR Montreal

If you have a car and can venture outside of Montreal, you'll have a lot more fun things to add to your to do list. Montreal is only a short drive away from some of the best national parks in Quebec and pretty cool outdoor / adventure activities.