The Best Attractions in Quebec Season by season

Tailor your adventure to Quebec's changing seasons.

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Throughout Quebec, every season is a whole new adventure! This site is packed with season-specific activities to enrich your bucket list. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Quebec Wonders is your gateway to exploring Quebec's seasonal highlights.

If you're visiting the province of Quebec for the first time, you will like our detailed seasonal guides to learn exactly what to expect from your Quebec trip (and what to wear), no matter the month.


Travelling to Quebec province in winter

Winter in the province of Quebec is cold but it's also magical. Think skiing on immaculate snow, early sunsets and Christmas lights shining bright.

There are some truly unique outdoor festivals and events happening throughout Quebec in winter. Winter here brims with outdoor attractions and snow-filled activities.


Travelling to Quebec province in spring

Spring in Quebec starts with lingering winter chills and occasional snowfalls. But by May, warmer breezes are more common and some days feel just like summer.

Spring is the peak season for maple toffee. Over the course of a few weeks, winter hobbies give way to summer pastimes, and the last remnants of snow melt away.


Travelling to Quebec province in summer

Summer in Quebec marks the peak of tourism. With long, beautifully warm days, it's the ideal time for scenic road trips or hiking in the province's many national parks.

Summer is renowned for its abundance of festivals, including world-famous events like the Just for Laughs Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, and FEQ.


Travelling to Quebec province in fall

Fall in Quebec is a quieter time, with kids back in school and adults at work. This means fewer crowds and shorter waits at attractions, offering a more relaxed visiting experience.

As temperatures cool, Quebec's nature dramatically transforms. The landscape turns into a vivid display of red, orange, and yellow, creating a stunningly photogenic season.

Events and Attractions in The Province of Quebec This Month

March is the month of transition from winter to spring, bringing brighter days, warmer weather, and a noticeable uplift in people's mood and enthusiasm.

For ideas on activities to enjoy in the province of Quebec in March, take a look at our comprehensive articles for the month of March.

Why Visit Quebec

Experience the rich history, culture, and beauty of Quebec

Quebec is not called La Belle Province for nothing. It is stunning all year long. With four very distinct seasons to discover, each having their unique appeal and activities on offer, Quebec is a place you will want to come back to.

Landmark Attractions in Quebec

Places to See in Quebec

Quebec City Landmarks

The Old Quebec City district is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Quebec City is know for its many historical sites – for example the plains of Abraham – and for iconic buildings such as Chateau Frontenac.

Montreal Landmarks

Montreal is a celebration of history, culture and creativity. The Old Montreal is an iconic site, but Montreal is also famous for its vibrant art scene and international music festivals.

Places to see in Montreal
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