20+ Family Things To Do in Montreal With Kids

This list of family things to do in Montreal includes a giant maze, a world-renowned circus, water fountains, laser tag and more.

Family things to do in Montreal on a family trip

When writing this list of family things to do in Montreal, we kept in mind that no two families are alike. This is why we included many different activities for you and your family. You will find indoor, outdoor, educational, free play, and free Montreal family activities here. 

We also conveniently split this list into several categories, making it much easier for you to choose particular family things to do in Montreal. 

Family Things To Do in Old Montreal

1. Montreal Science Centre

Things to do in Montreal for families especially with kids
Montréal Science Centre (Photo by Luc Lavergne©)
  • Indoor year-round

First on our list of family things to do in Montreal is the Montreal Science Centre. This science centre is a great educational activity for kids and parents. They have permanent and temporary displays, so your kids learn something new each visit. 

2. Old Port Ferris Wheel

Riding the La Grande Roue is a family activity in Montreal
La Grande roue de Montréal in Old Port (Photo by La Grande roue de Montréal©)
  • Outdoor year-round

The Old Port Ferris Wheel is one of the best things to do with kids in Montreal. Only here can you experience the beauty of Montreal from a high vantage point. Its gondolas seat up to eight people and are heated. So you can even ride the wheel in winter and be stunned by the beauty of the icy St Lawrence River. They have a VIP gondola, family packages, and summer specials. 

3. Imax TELUS Theatre

Experience IMAX 
 is a thing to do in Montreal for families
Cinéma IMAX®TELUS Montréal Science Centre (Photo by Luc Lavergne©)
  • Indoor year-round

The IMAX TELUS Theatre is located in the Montreal Science Centre. They offer captivating, immersive, and educational movies on a larger-than-life screen. This Montreal family activity is notable because it’s located near similar activities. We suggest you look at their programming beforehand because the movies they offer change frequently. 

4. MTL Zipline

Ziplining is fun activity to do in Montreal with family
(Photo by MTL Zipline©)
  • Outdoor year-round (but only on the weekend in winter).

This family activity in Old Montreal is open to anyone between 50 and 250 lbs. Mtl Zipline is Canada’s first urban zipline circuit. This thrilling activity will have you zipping over the Old Port.

5. SOS Labyrinthe

SOS Labyrinthe is a fun kids activity in Montreal
Have fun with your family at SOS Labyrinthe (Photo by SOS Labyrinthe©)
  • Indoor from April to October.

If you’re wondering what to do in Montreal with the family, we suggest checking out SOS Labyrinthe. This giant indoor maze has over two kilometres of fun. SOS Labyrinthe is fun for the whole family as they offer puzzles and adventures that are great for honing that family teamwork spirit. It’s also educational.

6. Pedal Boat

Ride a pedal boat is a fun do in Montreal with families
Écorécréo – Old Port of Montreal (Photo by Laurène Tinel©)
  • Outdoor in spring/summer/fall (weather dependent).

At the foot of the Ferris wheel and just under the zipline, you can glide on pristine water in a pedal boat. Ecorecreo offers weather-dependent rentals. Pedal boating is a fun and relaxing outdoor activity for kids in Montreal.

7. Quadricycle

Riding quadricycle is good to do with kids in Montreal
Old Port of Montréal – Quadricycles (Photo by Old Port of Montreal©)
  • Outdoor in spring/summer/fall (weather dependent).

A quadricycle is, just as the name implies, a bike with four wheels. This is another Ecorecreo rental that’s also weather-dependent. You’ll have a lot of fun cycling around the Old Port, taking in the sights and sounds of this bustling Montreal district. 

8. Cirque du Soleil

Watch Cirque du Soleil is good to do in Montreal with family
Cirque du Soleil – KOOZA (Photo by Eva Blue©)

Did you know that Cirque du Soleil, one of the world’s most famous circus productions, started in Quebec? The grand tent permanently installed at the Old Port regularly offers wild and breathtaking performances. Visiting Cirque du Soleil is a must-do on a family trip to Montreal.

9. Playground

A playground has lots of kids activities in Montreal
  • Outdoor in summer (unsupervised).

In between activities, check out the playground behind SOS Labyrinthe and next to the Ferris wheel. Especially on a hot summer day, children of all ages will enjoy playing here and making new friends. It’s also close to public bathrooms and water bottle-filling stations.  

Click here for more options and descriptions: https://www.oldportofmontreal.com/activities.

Family Things To Do in Downtown Montreal

10. Place des Festivals

Experience Place des Festivals in Montreal with family
Place des Festivals (Photo by Martin Viau©)
  • Outdoor year-round

The Place des Festivals (also known as Quartier des Spectacles) has many fun things to do in Montreal with kids. This includes outdoor fountains, free concerts, Christmas markets, ice skating, a contemporary art museum and more. There’s even a mall, the Complexe Desjardins, for those urgent (or not-so-urgent) shopping missions.

11. Hockey Game at The Bell Centre

Family thing to do in Montreal: watch a hockey game!
Bell Center (Photo by Olivier Samson Arcand©)
  • Indoor: The regular season is from October to April, and playoffs are from April to June.  

Does your family include hockey fans? If so, one of the best family things to do in Montreal would be to attend a Montreal Canadiens hockey game at the Bell Centre. What’s cool about the Bell Centre is it also hosts many other concerts and performances throughout the year.

12. Laser Tag

Laser Game is a fun family activity to do in Montreal
Laser Games are best enjoyed with friends or family (Photo by Laser Game Évolution©)
  • Indoor year-round

Laser Game Evolution is one of my favourite indoor activities with kids in Montreal. They’ll love putting on the ‘’armour’’ and chasing each other with laser guns. The whole activity is well structured, providing parents with ease of mind. Adventurous adults are, of course, welcome to join in on the fun.

13. Indoor Rock Climbing

  • Indoor year-round

Are you still looking for family things to do in Montreal? AllezUp is a bouldering centre with three addresses across Montreal (Plateau, Pointe Saint-Charles, and Verdun). They also offer training if you and your kids need to improve your rock climbing skills. Rock climbing, or bouldering as it’s officially called, is an excellent Montreal family activity.

14. Mount Royal Park 

Lots of family things to do in Mount Royal Park in Montreal
Mont-Royal (Photo by Madore – Daphné CARON©)
  • Outdoor year-round 

One of the best free things to do in Montreal with kids is exploring the vast expanses of Mount Royal Park (Mont Royal in French). In this massive outdoor playground, you and your kids can hike, take pictures, make snow angels in winter, witness hundreds of people playing tam-tams simultaneously in summer, and birdwatch. 

15. Kondiaronk Lookout

Visiting Kondiaronk Lookout with family is free thing to do in Montreal
Mount Royal Park – Kondiaronk lookout (Photo by Eva Blue©)
  • Outdoor year-round

The Kondiaronk Lookout is at the top of Mount Royal. From here, you can view the entire downtown area.

Family Things To Do Elsewhere in Montreal

16. La Ronde Amusement Park

La Ronde has lots of family activities in Montreal
La Ronde Amusement Park Montreal (Photo by La Ronde – Member of the Six Flags Family©)
  • Outdoor from May to October.

La Ronde is a Six Flags amusement park. With thrilling rides and stunning shows, a visit to La Ronde is a must-visit on any family vacation in Montreal. Despite its bigger rides having strict height restrictions, La Ronde is fun for the whole family because of its kiddie park. This is also the home of the International Fireworks Competition (summer) and the Halloween-themed ‘’Fright Fest’’ (October).  

17. Espace Pour la Vie

What to do in Montreal with family: visit Space for Life
Montréal Botanical Garden – Space for Life (Photo by Marie Deschene©)
  • Indoor and outdoor year-round.

Espace Pour la Vie houses four incredible family-friendly attractions in Montreal’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood. The Montreal Biodome, Planetarium, Insectarium, and Montreal Botanical Garden are highly educational establishments. Pay a visit to learn more about the fascinating natural world around us. 

18. Cosmodome

Visit Cosmodome is a family thing to do in Montreal
© Cosmodome
  • Indoor year-round

If you’re on a family trip in Montreal and are interested in all things space-related, this is the family activity for you. The Cosmodome is a space centre offering tours, simulators, and summer camps. It’s located outside Montreal in Laval.

19. Indoor Trampoline

  • Indoor year-round

You’ll love this indoor trampoline park if you're an energetic family. Isaute, located in Anjou, is a great thing to do in Montreal with kids. Wall-to-wall fun is guaranteed.

Family Things To Do Near Montreal

20. Arbraska

Arbraska has lots of great family activities in Montreal
Arbraska – Uplå (Photo by Arbraska©)
  • Outdoor year-round

Arbraska is a great family thing to do outside of Montreal. These centres (three of which are located less than an hour from Montreal in Rawdon, Rigaud, and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu) offer highly entertaining and adventurous games in the middle of nature. 

Family Activities in Montreal During Winter Only

21. Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the fun Montreal family activities
(Photo by Atrium Le 1000©)
  • Outdoor and indoor in winter (Atrium Le 1000 is year-round).

Ice skating is a classic Montreal family activity. Many ice rinks are sprinkled around the city, and several offer rentals if your family doesn’t have skates. Atrium Le 1000 is an indoor ice rink that’s open year-round. 

22. Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is a great family thing to do in Montreal
  • Outdoor in winter

The thrill of snow tubing down Beaver Lake’s high-speed tracks is one of the best things to do in Montreal with family in winter. 

Helpful Information and Tips For a Family Trip to Montreal

  • Children aged 0 to 11 ride free on Montreal buses and metro when with someone 14 or older. Each “adult” can accompany up to five children.
  • In Montreal and across Quebec, there are strict rules regarding babies and children in bars, breweries, and taverns. They're usually not permitted, except in places with outdoor areas (but time restrictions often apply). Restaurants with a bar section are fine (for example, Cage Aux Sports). You just won’t be given a table in the restaurant’s bar section.
  • Most activities on this list offer reduced prices for families; some will even let younger kids participate for free. Make sure to check the website closely before buying tickets.

Families are spoilt for choice regarding things to do in Montreal with kids. Choose between free activities, popular tourist attractions, outdoor adventures in summer, and indoor activities on a rainy day. You’re guaranteed to have fun on a family trip to Montreal.

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