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Outaouais, a picturesque region located in western Quebec, is renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Bordered by the Gatineau River and the Ottawa River, this area offers a variety of outdoor activities, cultural festivals, and diverse cuisine.

What to do in Outaouais Quebec
Gatineau Park Lookout (Photo by / par TQ/Vlan Communication ©)

Most Popular Cities and Attractions in Outaouais



Gatineau is the largest city in the region. It hosts several festivals, including the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival, and features a diverse culinary scene.

Visit Outaouais Gatineau
Gatineau (Photo par / by : TQ / B. Cecile ©)

Omega Parc

Omega Park is one of the most popular family activities in the region. This wildlife park showcases Canada's wild animals (wolves, deer, etc.).

Day Trip from Montreal with Kids (Parc Omega)
Parc Oméga (Photo par / by : TQ / G. Leroyer ©)

Gatineau Parc

Gatineau Park is a true natural paradise where you can enjoy hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and kayaking. Areas not to miss include the Mackenzie-King Estate, Champlain Lookout, and Philippe Lake.

Enjoy hiking in Gatineau Park
Gatineau Park (Photo par / by : TQ / B. Cecile ©)


The Outaouais region, combined with its neighboring city, Ottawa, offers an impressive variety of museums, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of History, and the Canadian War Museum.

See the historical artifacts at Canadian Museum of History
Canadian Museum of History (Photo par / by : TQ / X. Girard ©)


Although Ottawa is not located in Outaouais, its proximity to Gatineau and Hull means that many people take advantage of their stay in Outaouais to visit the Canadian capital. Outaouais is a region where French and English cultures coexist harmoniously.

Walk or bike along the Ottawa River
Gatineau (Photo par / by : TQ / Drowster ©)

Getting Here


To reach Outaouais, use Highway 417 or Highway 50. From Quebec City, Highway 50 is faster; from Montreal, both take similar time, but Highway 50 offers scenic views.

So for a scenic route through towns like Fassett, Montebello, and Plaisance along the Ottawa River, choose Highway 148.

  • Drive time Montreal to Outaouais: 2h30
  • Drive time Quebec City to Outaouais: 4h30


The train offers a comfortable and scenic option. The nearest train station is in Ottawa. From there, you can easily access the Outaouais region using local transportation services, such as buses or taxis.

  • Montreal to Ottawa by train: 2h30
  • Quebec City to Ottawa by train: 6h


Several coach companies such as Orleans Express offer transportation services to Ottawa/Gatineau. Commute time vary based on your departure city.


A relatively costly option, but worth considering if departing from Quebec City. The nearest airport is in Ottawa (YOW), which is a 15 minutes' drive from Gatineau.

  • Montreal to Ottawa by plane: 50min
  • Quebec City to Ottawa by plane: 1h10

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