14 Events and Fun Things To Do in Quebec City in February

This list of things to do in Quebec City in February includes a trip to the slopes, a world-famous hockey tournament, luges, yurts, and a rock festival.

Our list of what to do in Quebec City in February

Wondering what to do in Quebec City in February? Visiting Quebec in February is always lots of fun. Winter is in full swing, so there’s no shortage of snowy activities.

Our list of things to do in Quebec City in February includes outdoor sports, events, free activities and a few road trip ideas.

Events in Quebec City in February

1. Quebec Winter Carnival 

Quebec Winter Carnival is the main event in Quebec City in February
Quebec Winter Carnival (Photo par / by TQ / F. Gagnon ©)
  • January 25 to February 11, 2024

Get set to create unforgettable memories at Quebec City's best winter festival. This year, the Quebec Winter Carnival features parades, ice sculptures, winter activities, maple toffee, laser tag at La Citadelle and a special sledding event in the streets of the Old Quebec. Visit the Quebec Winter Carnival website for a complete events guide.

2. International Pee-Wee Tournament 

Pee-Wee Tournament event in Quebec City in February
  • February 7 to 18, 2024

If you’re a fan of hockey, you’re going to love that Quebec City hosts the International Pee-Wee Tournament in February. This event pits the best junior teams from around the world against each other. Hockey Quebec and Hockey Canada sanction the event at the Videotron Center and Pavillon de la Jeunesse. 

3. Fête des neiges de l'Ancienne-Lorette

Fete des neiges de l'Ancienne-Lorette event in February in Quebec City
  • February 16 and 17, 2024

The Fête des neiges de l’Ancienne-Lorette is another family event worth mentioning this month in the Quebec region. It is a neighborhood festival but it has the feel of a Carnival with a particularly interesting program: ice sculpture contest, inflatable games, tube sliding, petting farm, maple taffy on snow, etc.

You don't need to be a resident of Ancienne-Lorette to participate. The event welcomes visitors from all over Quebec. Check the Facebook page for the full schedule.

4. Pentathlon des Neiges

Pentathlon des Neiges event in February in Quebec City
Pentathlon des Neiges is held on the Plains of Abraham (Photo par / by TQ / JF. Hamelin ©)
  • February 17 to 25, 2024

The Pentathlon des Neiges is a winter sports event held on the Plains of Abraham. The main event involved cycling, snowshoeing, ice skating, cross-country skiing and running. Participants can compete solo, in pairs, or as a team. There is also a three-sport version (skating, skiing, running), and a running-only challenge.

5. Comiccon – Carnival Edition

Thing to do in Quebec City in February 2024
Comiccon Quebec is hosting a special event this month during the Winter Carnival (Photo par / by Comiccon Quebec ©)
  • February 10 and 11, 2024

For the first time this year, Comiccon Quebec will present a special event in Quebec City in February. The Carnaval edition is a smaller-scale event compared to the larger October Comiccon. Attendees of this month's event will have the chance to purchase pre-sale tickets for the October Comiccon at a 15% discount off the regular price. For a list of exhibitors, the complete schedule, and ticket purchasing information, visit the official website.

What To Do in Quebec City in February

6. Outdoor Adventures at Montmorency Falls 

A fun thing to do in Quebec City in February: ice climbing initiation
Parc de la Chute-Montmorency (Photo par / by TQ / F. Gagnon ©)

A great winter activity near Quebec City is visiting Montmorency Park, a true winter wonderland. February is a good month to visit, as the fall is well and truly icy by then.

Popular ways to visit Montmorency Falls:

  • On foot or snowshoes: You can enjoy a peaceful walk around the park or rent snowshoes on site.
  • Suspended bridge: Don't miss walking across the suspended bridge that dominates the breathtaking park’s landscape.
  • Cable car: This is the best way to visit Montmorency falls with top and bottom views.
  • Ice climbing: Try this ice climbing initiation course for beginners if you feel up to the challenge.
  • Guided tour: Another option is to book a half-day tour combining three landmarks in the area: Montmorency Falls, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Cathedral and Ile d'Orleans.

7. Village Vacances Valcartier

Snow tubing is a fun thing to do in Quebec City in February
Village Vacances Valcartier (Photo par / by TQ / F. Gagnon ©)

If you visit Quebec City in winter with kids, include a full day at Village Vacances Valcartier. Your ticket includes winter activities like snow tubing, ice skating, and snow rafting in North America's largest winter playground.

With the Ice Hotel nearby, you can purchase a combo ticket that includes both. There’s also a family-friendly resort on-site with an indoor water park (Bora Park) if you and your kids need a little break from the cold.

Getting there: if you don't have a car, this Valcartier shuttle can get you there and back.

8. Guided Tour of Old Quebec City in February

What to do in Quebec City in February: a tour of Old Quebec in winter
The Old Quebec in winter (Photo par / by TQ / V. Brillant ©)

This two-hour tour of Old Quebec is a great family activity year-round. But it’s especially magical in February due to all the snow. 

9. Skiing and Snowboarding Near Quebec City

Skiing near Quebec City in February
Le Massif de Charlevoix (Photo par / by TQ / G. Leroyer ©)

Quebec City in winter is the perfect place to be if you’re a ski or snowboard fanatic. Some of the best mountains are close enough to the city that you can easily hit the slopes during the day and return home at night. Some of these hills also offer night skiing, which is always magical. 

Le Relais, Stoneham, and Le Massif offer February's best skiing/snowboarding near Quebec City.  

10. Ice Fishing Near Quebec City

Ice Fishing activity in Quebec City in February

Ice fishing is one of the most unique activities in Quebec City in February. Ice fishing involves fishing from a hole drilled in the ice. Many ice fishing centers set up cabins around these holes, providing shelter from the wind while waiting for fish to bite. It’s a good activity to do in February, as the lake ice is thickest then. 

Sainte-Anne De La Perade is a beautiful little village just one hour from Quebec City known for ice fishing. We suggest Centre de Peche Marchand as they’re certified professionals, having been in the business for more than seven decades.

11. Celebrate Valentine's Day in Old Quebec 

Romantic thing to do in Quebec City in February
Old Québec (Photo par / by TQ / DF Design Production ©)

With Valentine’s Day during the month, Quebec City in February is synonymous with love. Therefore, it’s the perfect time for a romantic stroll around Old Quebec to discover the charming shops, restaurants, and cafes. Take your time in the Old Town, checking out both the Upper Town and Lower Town. There are many sights to see.

Things to Do Elsewhere in Quebec in February

12. Luge at Le Massif 

Luge riding is a fun thing to do in Quebec in February
  • Distance: 1-hour drive

Luge at Le Massif is a wonderful day trip idea, just an hour from the city. Available to kids over ten and adults, it’s a thrilling 7.5-kilometre-long luge track.

13. Staying in a Yurt 

Experience staying in a yurte near Quebec City in February
The yurtes at Centre Castor remain open during the winter season. (Photo par / by Quebec Wonders ©)
  • Distance: 30-minute drive

Have you ever wondered what spending a night in a traditional Mongolian house would be like? A yurt is a portable, round tent covered and insulated with skins or felt. Centre Castor has cozy yurts available just 30 minutes from Quebec City.

14. Taverne Tour 

Event in February from Quebec City

The Taverne Tour event, popular with alternative rock fans, is taking place this month in Montreal. (Photo par / by Taverne Tour ©)
  • Distance: 2 hours and 45 minute-drive

Taverne Tour is an alternative rock music festival happening every February in Montreal. It’s three days of concerts across many venues in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood. It’s the perfect way to get over the winter blues. This year’s edition goes from February 7 to 10 and features acts like Population II, Suuns, Marie Davidson, and Booster Fawn.  

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Weather in Quebec City in February

The weather in Quebec City in February gets really cold

Winter has definitely installed itself in Quebec City in February. You’ll want to keep this in mind whenever you go outside. Dress extra warmly and always be prepared for windy days (wind makes the cold feel so much worse). 

Consider carrying sunglasses around, too, as the sun’s glare off the white snow can be blinding. Here’s more helpful information about winter in Quebec and what to wear.

If you brave the cold and visit Quebec City in winter, you’ll be rewarded with several fun winter activities. Take your pick from an adrenaline-pumping luge track, skiing and snowboarding, ice fishing, and ice climbing. It’s a hard decision, but you can do it all when visiting Quebec City in February.

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